Caledonian Reel Footwork Pattern for Set Dancers
Ladies footwork only !!!
Gents please proceed to this page before we confuse you !!



Here's a simple breakdown of the Footwork Pattern Maldon & Ronan taught for the Caledonian Reel Set Dance.   This is danced to a reel, so that's a 4/4 timing pattern   I've broken it down into 3 lessons - practice each individual lesson until the onscreen graphic is painfully slow and this is 2nd nature to you . When you can easily  say and dance the pattern without looking at this screen then feel free to jump ahead and learn the next part.
Men should be looking at this page so they don't get confused as they use the opposite foot.

1) Ladies only First Lesson :   "AND A ONE"
and - is a quick left heel lift up & thump back down ( left toe stays on the floor)
a - is a quick tap of the floor with the right heel
one - is a whole right foot step down


practice  "and a one"    "and a one"     "and a one"    
 until you are very comfortable with this before you jump on and learn more of the pattern


2) Ladies Only Interim Lesson:  AND A ONE, AND A ONE THEN TWO"

starts off the same pattern  "and a one" as you learned above but now we add to it
then - is a quick  tap of the floor with the left heel
two - is a whole left foot step down

  practice :  "and a one, and a one then two"    
 until you are very comfortable with this before you jump to the final step


3) Here's the full Caledonian Reel Footwork Pattern, Ladies Only


 Say it out loud if that helps:    "and a one, and a one then two, and a one then two"

Caledonian Sound Samples:

Repeat that entire sequence over n over until this footwork pattern is 2nd nature to you. Don't be afraid to loosen up and let those hips sway back n forth a little bit - its not meant to be done stiff / upright /in the exact same spot. This footwork pattern repeats over n over for the entire Caledonian set dance. Its stepped off during swings, dance at homes, house around, etc .  Practice at home to get it up to speed & have fun.   
 If you think you are ready for the big leagues, try dancing the  Caledonian along with these dancers at the Ennis Trad Fest in Ireland  -  yes indeedy its the same pattern & then some !!!

Ready for Ireland ?  - Caledonian Audio Sample 1.2Mb

       Caledonian Video Samples:

Caledonian video sample of a busy Irish
 dance floor to  practice along with!

unfortunately this video has
 the footwork audio dubbed 

Ger's posted a fantastic demo of a  half set (only 2 couples)
  with the Caledonian 3rd & 4th figure

the battering's fantastic  - so enjoy !


For beginners trying to get their feet started, this link on YouTube might help

here's a variant

Youtube sample - Adv & Retire for Reels