Connemara Reel Footwork Pattern for Set Dancers
Men & Women 



Here's a simple breakdown of a Footwork Pattern for the Connemara Set Dance ( Reel Figure).   This is danced to a reel, so that's a 4/4 timing pattern   I've broken it down into mini lessons - practice each individual lesson until the onscreen graphic is PAINFULLY slow and this is 2nd nature to you . When you can easily  say and dance the pattern without looking at this screen then feel free to jump ahead and learn the next part.  Take your time !   If you try to zoom ahead too quickly, it'll be a rough n rocky trip. 

1)  First Lesso
n :   "AND A ONE"


and - is a quick left heel lift up & thump back down ( left toe stays on the floor)
a - is a quick tap of the floor with the right heel
one - is a whole right foot step down


practice  "and a one"    "and a one"      "and a one"    
 until you are very comfortable with this before you jump on and learn more of the pattern


2) Add on to the Basic Lesson:  "AND A ONE THEN TWO"

starts off the same pattern  "and a one" as you learned above but now we add to it
then - is a quick  tap of the floor with the left heel
two - is a whole left foot step down

  practice:   and a one then two    
until you are very comfortable with it and then jump to the next graphic

3)  Let's finish up that side:  "AND A ONE THEN TWO STEP"
starts off the same pattern  "and a one then two" as you learned above but now we add to it
step - is a whole foot step down with your right 

  practice:  "and a one then two step"

4) Step it off in reverse:  "AND A ONE THEN TWO STEP"

The next part of this Connemara Reel Footwork Pattern is just a reverse of what you've learned above. So make sure you have  mastered the lesson  above before you proceed.   
Start the reverse by lifting the heel of your right foot and just repeat the sequence.


practice the reverse:   "and a one then two step"

5) Put it all together for the full Connemara Footwork Reel Step

 Say it out loud if that helps !     "and a one then two step, and a one then two step"

Repeat that entire sequence over n over until this footwork pattern is 2nd nature to you.  That's the best I can do with simple graphics. Ladies lead off by lifting the left heel and  men lead off on the opposite foot so they lift their right heel.   Their are multiple variations on the footwork, pick one that suits your ability.
 and here's some youtube video samples to help you learn the footwork

and both the men & ladies footwork is demo'd here

Youtube sample - Women & Men's Connemara Patterns

when you're ready - head to Kilrush and jump in
Video Sample of Connemara Fig #2

Hope that gets your feet moving in the right direction.