Irish Ceili dances  are fun & easy to learn  - like Haymaker's Jig, Waves of Tory, etc
All you need to learn are 2 basic footwork patterns  -  3's and 7's., the ceili hold, plus a cheater jig step .
That only takes 5mins to learn & you'll be burning up shoe leather in no time.  Don't worry if you've never 
danced  a step in your life - you don't need any experience to have a great time at a ceili dance.  
You don't even need a partner.  There will be a "caller" who will teach the dance with a slow walk thru first.
Once you've got the hang of it, the music takes off.  Don't sit on the sidelines & watch as you won't learn 
that way.  They won't repeat a dance all night so jump in and join the fun. Many ceili's have a follow the 
leader pattern ( like a county line dance) and some are progressive - so you will keep changing partners.. Ceili's are suited to adults -children over 4yrs old.  Dress in layers as this aerobic & you will warm up when dancing, and  cool down when watching.   Leather soled shoes that glide work best !    
In consideration of those w/asthma & allergies - no strong colognes please.

These graphics "may" help you get  a leg up on the steps 
by tripping thru your 3's and 7's  before coming to an Irish dance

" Advance 3's "

threes_allframe.gif (14810 bytes)


if that looks easy try   "7's to the right "
steps_sevens2right.gif (24472 bytes)
Come join the fun & let the caller get you started. Takes about 5mins for them to  get
 your feet flying in the right direction to the live Irish music.
All dances are taught with slow walk thru's first at a ceili, No experience reqd.  
No partner reqd. We have many first time dancers & you'll fit right in !!

 Here's a video sample of the 
"Haymakers Jig" Ceili 
danced at an Irish Hooley 
in Des Moines, WA

 Haymakers Jig Ceili