Maldon Meehan Cavan Set Dance Workshop
 An Irish set dance workshop was held March 28th, 2009  from 2-5pm, at the North Hill Community Center in Des Moines, WA (west of SeaTac airport @ 20827 3rd Ave S.) 

Our thanks to Dale Russ who provided the great tunes on fiddle and to Maldon who 
broke down the lively battering footwork and put us thru the paces of the Cavan Set dance.

Instructions for the Cavan Irish Set Dance can be found here
Hope you enjoy these highlights from our afternoon of step,shuffle & tap-tap.


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Click on the links below to view the video samples on You tube from Maldon Meehan's Cavan Set Dance Worskhop !
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Cavan Footwork Lessons

1st Fig Cavan Set Dance

2nd Fig Cavan Set Dance