Seattle Workshops & Set Dance Ceili 
with Patrick O'Dea of Roscommon, Ireland

Patrick O'Dea from Roscommon, Ireland arrived in Seattle on Friday Feb 6th - just in time to drop in on the Momentum Irish Dance Academy where he demo'd some steps to the delight of those youth.  Saturday Feb 7th, Patrick taught the Antrim Square & the new Moycullen Set, plus a bonus hour of battering footwork for reels in his afternoon set dance workshop from 1-5pm in North Ballard.  With no spare dancers onhand, the camera lady was busy dancing thruout the workshop. So no photos of that workshop action. But we'll include video clips that show how busy are feet were.  If you were at the workshop and don't have your dvd yet, email

Saturday evening  a set dance ceili was held at the same venue from 7-11 and the dust flew off the floorboards. Everyone had dusty pant legs when we finally called it quits for the night. Sunday Pat taught an old timey footwork workshop for Sean Nos dancers in Seattle from 5-6:30pm.   His weekend in Seattle concluded with a celebration of his 31st birthday at  Mick Kelly's  in Burien for  Sunday Sets  from 7-9pm.    
Our thanks to Patrick O'Dea for including Seattle on your USA tour. A big pat on the back also goes to the musicians that kept the lively tunes flowing day and night. We owe a debt of gratitude to his wkend hosts (Mike & Kathleen) and a very important babysitter of 2 energetic young boys - she makes this busy dancing weekend schedule possible !   

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Click on the links below to view the video samples on You tube from the Pat O'Dea Dance Workshops & Ceili's !
Youtube condenses the files down ALOT  -  we recommend  that you click on the text for the "high quality" version.  You'll find that link on the bottom right corner of the media player.   If your modem is slow & it plays jerky, just hit the Pause bottom on the player and let it completely download before you hit Play again.  It should play smoothly for you then. 


Set Dance battering for Reels

Antrim Square 1st & 2nd fig

Antrim Square 3rd fig

Clare Lancers Set 5th fig

Sliabh Luachra Set 4th fig

Corofin Plain 1st & 2nd fig

Pat O'Dea at old timey Sunday Workshop ( from Deb)
Ok Kathleen - where's your video sample that you filmed.
Too busy sunning on the beach to share with us ??
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