Welcome to Portland's October 21st 2005 Irish Ceili

 On Thursday I attended the dvd kickoff for Portland's own, Maldon Meehan,  and Ronan Regan of 
Galway Ireland inside the Alberta St Tavern ( hi Mikey )   Best wishes on their new Sean-nos dvd. 

Friday I did my best to NOT break the ice at the Lloyd Center - what a  surprise to find that venue. 

Limbs still in working order, I dropped in at the Friday nite ceili.
Sam Keator was the first caller of the evening, and Seattle's' Finn McGinty, Dale Russ and
 Tom Creegan provided the musical inspiration for the dancers.
Hope you enjoy this peek at the event .


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 Portland's October 21st Ceili Dance Card  

 1) Rince mor                                                     Reel

 2) Fairy Reel                                                    Reel

3) Harvest Time Jig                                          Jig

   4) Walls of Limerick                                          Reel

5) Siege of Ennis                                             Jig

6) Cross of Arboe                                            Reel

7) Song                                                             Finn

           8)  Set Dance                                                   Set dance

9) Three Tunes                                                 same

 10) Waltz                                                           Waltz

 11) Morris Reel                                                 Reel

 12) Lannigan's Ball                                          Same

         13) Set Dance                                                  Set dance

 14) Waltz                                                           Waltz
 15)  open                                                          Same