Set Dancing is Ireland's idea of a square dance - w/lots of footwork and fast energy. We hope these samples will convince you to join us at a Seattle Irish Set Dance Event 
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The Clare Lancers Set is one of the most popular dances in the Irish Set Dance repertoire. As the name suggests it hails from the Co Clare area on the mid-west coast of Ireland.  This video was filmed during set dance week 2005 in Ireland.
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Clare Lancers Set Dance Video sample  ( 2.5MB ) 

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Pat Murphy from Westport
 Ireland taught us this basic
 Clare battering step for dancing
 at home - in the Caledonian reel for instance

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greennote.gif (1081 bytes) Basic Clare Reel Step (its a short mp3 40Kb)     
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    Then he embellished upon it
greennote.gif (1081 bytes)Advanced Clare Reel step( mp3 500Kb)
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(ladies footwork shown - gents start on opposite foot)
And the next leap of faith is to add a shuffle step on the end,
instead of the heel tap, but I won't try to illustrate that.
Gents - the toe heel heel can be viewed at the end of this video clip !
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Pat Murphy credits Aidan Vaughan for this
Clare "advance and retire" pattern
greennote.gif (1081 bytes)  Clare Advance & Retire Step  (mp3 940Kb)
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(ladies footwork shown - gents start on opposite foot)

Easy ya say, then, embellish it with double heels on
the retire, or maybe 4 shuffle steps

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Bill Lynch's set dancing news website  is loaded with great info.
Set dancing is very popular in Ireland - check out Bill's photo below

(Bill Lynch photo)
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   Or checkout  the Sean Nos Dance video
sample's from Maldon & Ronan
This traditional solo dance style is
from the Commemara region of Ireland.
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Audio Sample of Sean Nos Lessons at the Ennis Trad Fest
with instructor Suzanne Leahy

  a sean nos side step
heel - toe - heel sean nos step
 The Ennis Trad Fest takes place every November. Its a great wkend of traditional music & dance - highly recommended !
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( Footwork Lessons )