Tacoma Irish Sessioneers :  
If you are new to Irish music, or your instrument has grown dusty, Mike Saunders is teaching beginner's on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month at a new time - 1pm !   Just head upstairs in the Antique Sandwich Company,  5102 N Pearl St, in Tacoma. Feel free to bring sheet music to the beginner class.
The beginner's class is  followed by a 2pm trad Irish intermediate level jam session.  You can join the yahoo group via this link  

Be sure to invite your non musician friends down for the craic. We need to support these businesses to ensure they will keep hosting these sessions.  The # of musicians will be back in full force on a cloudy wet day, but I filmed on a warm sunny day !


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video samples from the Beginner's Lessons, new time is 1pm, led by Mike Saunders:

 Maggie in the Woods 

Kiss the Quaker's Wife

  Salamanca Reel

Mike Saunders

plus video samples from the 2pm Intermediate level Trad Irish session ( note new starting times !!)

 Saddle the Pony



 Cooley's Reel 


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